Have You Been Arrested for Drug Possession or Drug Trafficking?


Have you been arrested for drug possession or drug trafficking? The attorneys of The Sumner Law Group can handle your criminal case in Missouri. Our attorneys are St. Louis Criminal Defense lawyers with years of experience fighting drug possession and gun cases to name a few. The criminal defense attorneys you hire should be trial attorneys with experience handling drug possession cases.

It is important that you do not make any statements to the Police when you get arrested. The only thing you should tell them is you want a criminal defense attorney. Do not say anything else. Do not sign consent to search forms no matter how much the Police tell you they will help you with your case. The Police are there to arrest you and that is it.

Brent Sumner has tried numerous jury trials in St. Louis and he can assist you with your case. Please contact the criminal defense lawyers of The Sumner Law Group for a free consultation on your drug possession case. We are here to help protect your constitutional rights.