Have You Been Arrested for Drug Possession?


Have you been arrested for drug possession in St. Louis or St. Charles? You will need to contact Brent Sumner, a criminal defense attorney in St. Louis and St. Charles that can defend you in this scary time. Possession of drugs is a Class C felony in the state of Missouri punishable by up to 7 years in the Missouri Department of Corrections. Most first time offenders can get probation plea deals from the state of Missouri, but it is important to have a good criminal attorney to help you.

The Sumner Law Group has represented numerous people charged with possession of a controlled substance throughout the state of Missouri and can handle your case. Brent Sumner has successfully challenged many search warrant issues and illegal search and seizure of drugs. Brent Sumner has successfully won numerous criminal jury trials and he will discuss your case with you. Please contact a drug possession attorney in St. Louis to help you with your case.