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St. Louis Robbery Defense Lawyer

Charged with robbery in St. Louis, MO?

Have you been charged with robbery, or are the target of a criminal investigation? If the answer is yes, you need to get an aggressive St. Louis robbery lawyer on your side immediately. At our firm, we will take action to help you seek to avoid the serious consequences of a conviction. Sumner Law Group, LLC has a legal team that has successfully defended clients against robbery charges by ensuring that the rights of our clients are respected at every stage of the proceedings, from questioning by law enforcement, to an arrest and through every stage of the criminal justice process.

Robbery: A Felony Offense

There are two classes of burglary, robbery and theft charges. If the offense is committed without the use of weapons, or threats of violence, the offense is a 2nd degree Class B felony. If there is a weapon involved, or threats of violence, the offense will be filed as a 1st degree Class A felony with far more severe penalties. For example, a 1st degree Class A felony conviction carries a 10 - 30 year jail sentence. A 2nd degree Class B felony carries a 5 - 15 year jail sentence.

A burglary charge could involve a trespassing case that could be successful in defending against a criminal accusation of burglary. The fact of being on premises illegally is not burglary. It requires the theft of property from the premises. The skilled attorneys at Sumner Law Group, LLC are ready to fight for your freedom. A conviction is extremely dangerous, and will have a permanent negative impact on your future employment opportunities, the ability to hold many professional licenses, and even the right to vote.

Don't take a chance with your future by hoping the overworked public defender will be able to deliver a powerful defense for your case. Contact us today so we can begin to strategize how we to beat the charges, or greatly reduce the consequences. We have the experience, dedication and trial record you want on your side.

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