Mother Charged for Topless Photos


Wentzville, Missouri. A Wentzville Mom was criminally charged for topless photos of her and her 14 year old daughter in the hot tub which circulated around two local high schools. The Saint Charles County prosecuting attorney's office charged the mother with a misdemeanor endangering the welfare of her child because the pictures were seen by other high school students. Saint Charles County prosecuting attorney Tim Lohmar said the mother showed extremely poor judgement. However, I don't feel this "poor judgement" warrants criminal charges; do you?

This all happened because the sister of the teenage girl used Snapchat and shared the photograph. Everyone needs to understand the power of the internet and social media. You are not simply sharing something with friends because once it goes viral anyone can get it. Simply search your favorite celebrity online and you will find naked pictures that she regrets taking for someone. With that being said, I don't think this is a criminal matter for the prosecuting attorney's office to become involved in. In Missouri, most of the prosecutors offices overcharge cases and bring cases to trial that are better off being dismissed. I see it as a waste of judicial resources.

I would love to represent this woman in her criminal case because I don't believe these charges are justified. She should take this matter to trial. She needs to hire a criminal defense attorney to represent her and fight this case. Let the Saint Charles Prosecuting Attorney know this is a family matter and none of his concern. I'm sure the mother of this girl feels terrible and wishes she could take all of this back. I'm also positive that her sister shares the majority of the blame because she shared it with her "friends" who they sent it around the school.