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Were you recently arrested for a crime?

If you are the target of a criminal investigation, or if you've been arrested, then you're probably very nervous about what the future might hold, and you have every reason to be concerned. Just because law enforcement has already made up their mind about you, it doesn't mean that you're a bad person or that you are guilty of committing a crime. At The Sumner Law Group, we treat our clients with the respect they deserve. At a time when the police and investigators are treating you as if you're just another criminal, we are here to do just the opposite. We know that innocent people get convicted everyday and we are determined to protect your constitutional rights and zealously search for any holes or flaws in the prosecution's case against you. As your St. Charles criminal defense lawyer, we are intent on providing you with tireless and aggressive legal representation that your situation demands.

Theft Crimes: Misdemeanors & Felonies

In recent years, our economy has taken a big hit. It's not uncommon for average law-abiding citizens to resort to theft when they are out of work and trying to put food on the table. While we aren't condoning breaking the law and shoplifting or burglarizing someone's home or business, understanding a person's motivation behind the theft crime can shed some light on a theft case. Our firm handles all types of theft crimes whether they involve stealing from a retail establishment, entering a building or dwelling that is inhabited and committing burglary, or committing robbery. It's important to understand the consequences of theft charges, because stealing more than $500 worth of goods valued up to $25,000 is a Class C felony offense, and if the value of the items stolen is more than $25,000, it's classified as a Class B felony offense. When you are facing felony charges, which is very easy to do with theft crimes, who you choose to defend you can make all the difference in the outcome of your case.

Fighting for Your Rights in the Criminal Justice System

Were you arrested for DUI/DWI? In Missouri, a first time drunk driving offense incurs 8 points on your driving record, a 90 day license suspension, up to 6 months in jail and up to $500 in fines. A second offense incurs 12 points on your record, up to 12 months in jail and additional increased penalties. Our firm is adept at challenging the validity of field sobriety tests, the legality of the traffic stop, as well as the testing methods of any blood alcohol evidence that is being used against you. When you are at risk of losing your license, going to jail and gaining a permanent criminal record, you cannot afford to lose this battle. With years of experience handling DWI/DUI cases, we are prepared to defend you in court.

There are a number of sexual acts that have been criminalized, whether or not they include consent from the alleged victim. Sex crimes typically include: sexual assault, rape, child molestation, sex trafficking, prostitution, solicitation, statutory rape and more. Serious sex crimes such as rape with a child under the age of 12 can result in life without the chance of parole until after the offender has served 30 years of their sentence. Many sex crimes also involve mandatory lifetime sex offender registration, which would mean having to register wherever you live. Because so many sex crimes are based on false allegations, and because many of them bear no witnesses to the crime in question, it becomes a "he said, she said" situation, and this can pose a problem if the alleged victim can display a convincing testimony. When you are facing the possibility of years behind bars, you need an experience attorney fighting in your corner.

The United States Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that there are five types of violent crimes in the U.S. including: assault, rape/sexual assault, robbery and murder. While some violent crimes are prosecuted as misdemeanors in Missouri, many of them are prosecuted as felony offense which can land you in prison for life. While violent crimes cases are extremely serious in nature, many suspects acted out of self-defense and when this occurs, it's vital that their attorney make sure their side of the story is heard loud and clear by the prosecutor, the judge, and the jury.

Drug crimes have to do with controlled substances; these substances (both pharmaceutical and illegal narcotics) are federally regulated. It is against the law to possess, manufacture, distribute or import a controlled substance without a valid license to do so. Our firm can handle all types of drug charges including drug possession and drug trafficking. How you are prosecuted will depend upon the type of drug, the quantity and what you intended to use it for. If your search and seizure rights were violated, the evidence against you may be inadmissible in court. It's our job to search for flaws in the case, as well as pursue reduced penalties and sentencing on your behalf.

St. Charles Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you are being accused of committing a white collar crime such as embezzlement, wire fraud, internet fraud, check fraud, or any other white collar crime, we can help. Since many white collar crimes are prosecuted as federal crimes, we are able to represent you in federal court. White collar crimes often involve fraud or deception and are typically prosecuted as felonies. If you are convicted of a white collar crime, it can destroy your reputation and your hard-earned career. We understand the seriousness of the situation and as state and federal litigators, we are more than capable of handling your case effectively. We provide a tough federal criminal defense for those white collar professionals whose freedom is on the line.

We provide criminal defense services for all types of juvenile offenses. As a parent, the last thing you want to have occur is to have your child wind up in jail with hardened criminals; this is especially the case if they are to be tried as an adult. When youth are exposed to serious criminals, they have a tendency of going down the wrong path permanently, and we don't want this to happen. Our goals are the same as yours, to help your son or daughter in every way that we can, and to avoid having them face harsh punishments.

In addition to criminal defense, our firm also offers representation for personal injury cases. If you were injured due to the negligent or careless acts of another person or entity, we are prepared to pursue maximum compensation on your behalf. If you are facing criminal charges, we urge you to contact a member of our legal team to schedule a free case evaluation.

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